Incline 360°

Get a high-tech case to match your high-tech device! The Incline Case has a versatile design, adapting to your life on the go!

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  • Effortless 360° rotation gives users three landscape or two portrait stand positions
  • Four corner mounting straps hold device securely in place
  • Microsuction strip keeps case closed when not in use
  • Cutout in back cover for rear-facing camera
  • Durable microfiber leather exterior and soft microsuede interior
  • NOTE: This case does not fit the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

  • secure mountsecure mount
  • multiple stand anglesmultiple stand angles
  • microsuction closuremicrosuction closure
  • access to portsaccess to ports


  • Patent Pending
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Dimensions: 7.1in x 10.25in x .69in
  • Compatibility:
    • Nexus 10
    • Samsung Galaxy 10.1
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2013)
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2-10.1"

M-Edge Support

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By Jodi DiGiovanni on June 24, 2013

I received this case as a gift for my birthday. I enjoy all the different angles it can do in landscape mode. However I find it cannot do anything but lie flat in portrait mode. it says it is an incline 360 case yet it doesn't incline 360. It does not come with instructions either.

M-Edge response:

We apologize if your case did not come with instructions on how to use the 360 feature! The back of the case is made of two layers, an inner layer that the device straps onto and an outer layer that is the outside, back cover of the case. Between these two layers is a pivot point that allows the inner layer to spin around within the case. You can see what I am describing in this video: If you have any questions please use the Contact Us links at the top and bottom of this page.

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awesome case

By Kaila on June 25, 2013

I LOVE this case! It fits my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" like a glove! The only down side is the microsuction closer.

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Works well for Google Nexus 10

By pboff on July 30, 2013

I chose this case at local WalMart after trying out a few they had on their shelves. My Nexus 10 fits well in the four corner elastic bands which hold the corners onto the rotating panel within the case. I don't notice any kind of slipping or wobbling in the elastic bands, and it feels completely secure. Only once, the corner band which lays between the power and volume buttons had moved slightly onto the power button, keeping the tablet from turning on correctly. A little push of the band back to the right of the power button and it was working just fine. The folding options are very good, and I'm always able to get the tablet in the inclination I need for the moment. The inside of the case is the microfiber suede, and so I keep that side off of any surfaces so that it keeps my screen clean when folded closed. There is an oval sticky kind of rubber/polymer which is supposed to hold the flap of the case against the screen when closed. Although it works most of the time, it's not really a huge point for me when the flap is closed. When I carry the tablet in its case, the flap will kind of slide back and forth on the tablet. It's as if the little polymer sticky button hasn't gripped the glass to hold the case flap still. It almost seems like the hinge edge of the case is a bit wider than the thickness of the tablet, so if you hold that side in your hand, the approx 7/8" width section will collapse a bit in one direction or the other, making the case covering flap slide back or forward on the front of the big deal, though. The outside of the case is a kind of hard plastic leather imitation which is more prone to showing finger smudges than I'd like. Also, with dry hands, it can be a little more difficult to hold without it slipping somewhat in your fingers. Overall I'm very happy with the case, and I expect it will last the lifetime of my ownership of this Nexus 10 tablet (maybe 3 years)

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By Jo-Anne on September 28, 2013

Was looking for a cover since I got my Kindle here in South Africa. Bought one today, and it's worth the money. So very happy. All in one. Great job you guys. X

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